Online Safety

This guidance is to inform parents and professionals of the facilities we have in place to monitor and evaluate the use of the Internet both during the school day and in our residential setting.

School Network and Wi-fi

  • The school network including our Wi-fi is not open to students’ personal devices
  • Students have to log in individually; this allows us to monitor activity on an individual basis
  • Access is restricted, with filtering systems in place to block inappropriate web content
  • Each teacher has remote access to each of the computers in their classroom or boarding house, allowing real time remote monitoring
  • All computer access is monitored by a member of staff

When can the Internet be accessed?

  • The school network facility is continuously available
  • The residential network is available between 3pm and 10pm

What we can’t control

  • If your son or daughter has a mobile device then it is likely they will have access to the Internet via their provider
  • The 3G and 4G phone networks are good within the Sevenoaks area; this allows for faster download speeds and more reliable Internet services over the phone
  • We are not able to monitor the use of the Internet via personal mobile devices (data enabled devices – eg. Mobile phones, iPad, iPod, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Note etc).
  • We are unable to restrict usage times of personal mobile devices
  • We are unable to limit access to inappropriate websites and content

What you can do?

If your son/daughter has a mobile device, it is likely that it is paid for by you as the adult, especially if it is a contract. Speak with your network provider if you wish to impose restrictions on data use. If you have any concerns about Internet access and the use of mobile devices please contact your son/daughter’s tutor or residential house manager. 

Additional information to help support you and your child can be found in our 

West Heath School Online Safety Booklet

Online Safety Booklet Front Cover

The following sites have useful information on Internet safety: