Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Our Cognitive Behaviour Therapist works with those children in emotional distress and with those displaying unhelpful or unhealthy behaviours. Using interventions designed to alter the child’s maladaptive attitudes, thoughts, feelings and actions, the goal is to help make pupils individually and socially more effective. This is achieved by helping pupils build their coping skills, by teaching them to engage in practical problem solving and by adopting personal responsibility for their thoughts and actions when faced with difficult personal, social and environmental problems 

Our CBT therapist often takes an informal approach in his work, sometimes ‘walking and talking’ whilst discussing the young person’s problems or kicking a ball around whilst ‘problem solving’. Skills-coaching, mentoring and modelling appropriate behaviour are also used to help the pupil adopt more rational and healthy attitudes, build tolerance levels to frustration and to find some healthier alternatives to poor behaviours. When appropriate, he also collaborates with parents to establish effective child management strategies that benefit both the child and family.