Outreach & Training

For further information on our Outreach and Training offer please click here: Outreach & Training

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Our approach to Outreach is that the excellent provision we make available to those outside of the immediate West Heath community, should also be available to those within it. So, the information and resources that are available via the link above, are intended to be of interest and use to anyone who values the growth, happiness and success of children and young people. That’s children and young people with SEND or without, and indeed, it extends to the wellbeing of all those who in whatever way, care for and support young people.

Explore further, and you’ll find details of the training and services we are able to provide. In addition, you’ll discover content, videos and links on a rich variety of topics related to expanding the knowledge, skills and understanding that are so essential to being able to support young people in an effective and sustainable manner.