"Our approach to learning is to be as creative and as resourceful as possible..."

At West Heath School, we recognise that we are a school first and foremost and we have a duty to educate children so they are able to achieve beyond their time with us.  We must prepare them with qualifications as well as enhanced emotional and social stability in order to further their opportunities.  We are a school which is nurturing and flexible in its approaches in order to reduce the obstacles which have previously been barriers to learning.  Students come to us from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  Some have missed years of schooling; others have been home tutored in just the core subjects and some have been to multiple settings, including specialist provisions before finding us. 

Our approach to learning is to be as creative and as resourceful as possible to be able to provide a suitable and effective provision for each learner

All teachers and Learning Support Assistants have the highest possible expectations for all children in their class. All teaching is based on building on what children already know, can do and can understand. Staff plan and implement differentiated activities and learning opportunities across the curriculum to meet individuals’ needs. This may include putting in place different ways of teaching so that all learners are fully involved in learning in class. This may involve things like using more practical learning or providing different resources specifically adapted for our learners. The wellbeing of all of our children is our primary concern at West Heath School. Students are supported with their social and emotional development throughout the school day, through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. In addition, we make reasonable adjustments to our school environment as required. For example, in our classrooms students may be provided with aids to help them to write such as sloping boards or different coloured paper. We constantly evaluate the needs of our children and provision changes as needed.