The Residential Provision Offers

"We particularly focus on enabling students to develop their skills for life and independent living skills. The residential experience and environment play an important role with our students learning and development..."

The Residential Provision Boarding Offer 1

West Heath School is an independent co-educational residential special school, situated in Kent, Sevenoaks, for students with social, emotional, mental health and social communication difficulties. The school provides places for boarding students between the ages of 10 and 20 years. The school has five boarding houses, located within the grounds of the school. These can accommodate up to 22 residential boarding students. Boarding students board 4 nights per week (Monday-Friday term time only) from 3.30pm – 08.30am and return home to parents/carers every Friday and weekend. We are a 39-week residential special school boarding provision.

The Extended Day After School Club Offer 2

The school also provides an extended day after school club for day students in Year 6 Juniors to Year 11 students. The extended day after school club run from the hours of 3.30pm to 8.00pm to give some day students the same opportunities and experiences as those in our residential provision. We provide a high quality ‘Extended Day’ after school club that meets the needs of both parents and students. For parents, this means knowing that your child is safe and happy in a club within our residential provision after school that is reliable and offers a consistent service. For a student this means an environment that is safe, supportive, and encouraging. It is a place to be with friends within the residential provision and make new ones; to be able to try out new activities, to relax, to have fun and enjoy. The ‘Extended Day’ after school club, we believe all children have the right to play. Play is the basis to providing healthy development and the well-being of students. Our ‘Extended Day’ after school club in our residential provision.