Exam Results and Destinations

"...improved life opportunities through supporting children to achieve qualifications as well as invaluable life skills..."

We are really proud of the progress that West Heath students make, not just in their academic studies but in their personal and social development also.  Our job as a school for SEMH learners is to provide improved life opportunities through supporting children to achieve qualifications as well as invaluable life skills that will prepare them for adulthood.

Given the complex nature of our students and the broad demographic of needs and starting points for each individual, there is no value to comparing results with other schools or publishing in league tables.  Each student is individual and each year group is different.  We celebrate student progress and success in many ways.  For example:

An anxious student increasing their attendance who has previously refused school, is progress and we celebrate it.

A student who has experienced early childhood trauma who learns to make eye contact and trust an adult to talk to, is progress and we celebrate it.

Educationally, our culture is to support students to achieve the best possible grade that they can in each subject area, taking into account their starting point, their individual needs and abilities as well as any extrinsic or pastoral situations which affect their focus, wellbeing and emotional state.  We aim to stretch and challenge each student appropriately, so that they are motivated and engaged in their learning.  Many of our students have been out of school for long periods of time and we work hard to bridge gaps in learning.  The common starting point with this is to make school a positive experience again for students by creating a nurturing, caring and flexible approach to learning.

Most students will continue their post-16 education with us in our popular Sixth Form and then move on to either continued Further Education, employment and training or Higher Education at University.  Each year, students impress us with their maturity as they embark on their transition away from the support of West Heath School towards exciting new opportunities.

See below for a summary document of our core subject achievements.  For further information on individual subjects, please contact the Head of Curriculum through our Contact Us page.