Allergen Awareness

West Heath School  supports  'The Anaphylaxis Campaign' and follows their guidance regarding food containing allergens specifically nuts. 

  • It would be impossible to provide an absolute guarantee that the school is nut free. Some pupils access the school's boarding facilities and regularly bring in food from home. 
  • There can be a risk that children with allergies might be led into a false sense of security. There is a strong case to be argued that children with food allergies will develop a better awareness and understanding of how to manage their allergies, if they grow up in an environment where allergens may be present.
  • Students are encouraged to seek guidance from catering staff – on a daily basis, if necessary – on what they can have from the menu, for lunch.
  • It is essential that the school has full details of all pupils’ allergies. This information is requested by the school, and must be provided by parents/carers when pupils join West Heath or develop an intolerance to any food substance during their time at the school.
  • The school nurse should also be provided with a treatment plan and Epipen, clearly marked with the pupil's name. This will be reviewed. In some cases, the school nurse and / or tutor will liaise with staff, parents and students as necessary.

Please follow the link to complete our Student - Food Allergy/Intolerance and Religious Preferences Notification form or use our QR code: 

QRCode for Student Food Allergy Intolerance and Religious Preferences Notification Form