We currently have three counsellors – two for our Lower and Middle School, and the other for our Upper School Sixth Form, including provision at our satellite colleges. One of our counsellors for the main school specialises in mood management, whilst the other takes a more integrative approach. Similarly, our sixth form counsellor/psychotherapist takes a humanistic approach in addition to a CBT-informed approach when required.  However, whilst adopting different perspectives, all approaches allow the student to be free and confident to express their feelings in a safe environment that is non-judgemental, confidential, and built on trust between counsellor and student.

Very often the student has had some negative life experiences, for many reasons, and the counselling offers them a chance to move on to a more positive place both emotionally and psychologically. The length and timing of the sessions will depend on the progress of the student, and also as to whether or not they wish to engage. The student has to be comfortable in counselling and this decision has to be theirs. It isn’t unusual for a student to start to engage and then “pull back” as it can sometimes be scary to face their anxieties and fears, but as the trust and confidence between counsellor and student builds they usually find the capacity to positively engage.