...therapeutic approach which informs everything...

Therapy at West Heath plays a major part in the social, emotional, mental health, behavioural and physical wellbeing of our students.  Whilst not officially designated as a “therapeutic school”, our whole approach is underpinned by a therapeutic approach which informs everything from our curriculum to our behaviour management.

The therapy department currently consists of Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Counselling, Mood Management Therapy, Play Therapy, Integrative Child Psychotherapy, Lego Therapy, Dungeons and Dragons intervention, Holistic Massage Therapy, and Psychological Services (including assessments).  Our School Nurse is also an integral part of our therapy team administering to our students’ physical needs on a daily basis.  In addition to working with our students, our therapists deliver staff training, and provide advice, guidance, and support to the whole school including our residential provision, which means that all students will get a therapeutic informed approach to their schooling.

Whilst many of our students have a specified therapeutic requirement on their Education, Health and Care Plans, most of our students will access our therapeutic department at some time or other during their time with us, whether it be for help with emotional regulation, a reduction in stress, anger, or anxiety, a readjustment of maladjusted thinking patterns, to provide practical problem-solving, help with social skills, difficulties with sensory issues, or just a safe place to off-load.  Although numbers obviously vary from year to year, currently over 80% of our students are receiving therapeutic support of one kind or another, and a large percentage are receiving more than one.

We will assume that consent has been given for all therapy unless otherwise advised.  Please note that all therapeutic interventions are carried out under the protocols and guidelines dictated by the individual therapist’s professional body but please get in touch if you would like additional information or have any concerns.

More detailed information on our individual therapies is outlined in the sub menu.

Therapy Policy