Therapeutic Services

"...over 70% of our students are receiving therapeutic support..."

Whilst many of our students have a specified therapeutic requirement on their Education, Health and Care Plans, most of our students will access our therapeutic department at some time or other during their time with us, whether it be for in-depth counselling, a safe place to off-load, a need to control their anger, help with social skills, difficulties with sensory issues, or just to learn some relaxation techniques before exams. 

Although numbers obviously vary from year to year, currently over 70% of our students are receiving therapeutic support of one kind or another, and a large percentage are receiving more than one. In addition to Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy, we currently offer the following: CBT, Counselling, Play Therapy, Integrative Child Psychotherapy, Complementary Therapy, and Psychological Services (including assessments).