West Heath School

Team Teach

The school has chosen to use the TEAM-TEACH (TT) approach as part of a holistic approach to positively manage behaviour. The training has evolved from a residential care and educational background.  The values enshrined in the TT training model are entirely consistent with the ethos of the school and compliment the stated purpose of the school “to rebuild lives through education”. TT is designed through a holistic approach, working with leadership and management to actively reduce restraint and risk.

The British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) accredits Team Teach training on behalf of the Government. All TT techniques have undergone (2006 & 2009) a thorough legal, medical and tactical risk assessment review, carried out by three independent, medical and legal experts.

All TT training is delivered within a structured quality assurance model. Training at the New School is delivered by three qualified trainers, two who are qualified at intermediate and one at advanced level. All staff are trained to the 6hr standard of training required within the TT structure of training. This is to ensure that it can fulfil its obligations enshrined in Government guidance and standards for inspection monitored by Ofsted.

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact:

Mr Nick Oldham, Deputy Principal