West Heath School

Speech and Language Therapy – SaLT

The role of the SaLT within school is to support the speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) of all students, therefore helping to enable them to fulfil their academic and personal potential. We provide direct support to those students with the most significant language and communication needs, via 1:1 sessions, and 1:1 support in class, as well as providing a targeted approach to developing students’ social skills via Language and Communication lessons for all KS3 students. Another of our key roles is to develop skills and knowledge amongst staff in working with students with SLCN. We aim to achieve this through information sharing, by providing ongoing advice and support, and by delivering bespoke training to all staff. The Language and Communication team works closely with different departments within the school to specifically embed language and communication strategies into the curriculum. Each term we set up vocabulary projects with different subject areas, which focus on the development of visual support for vocabulary teaching, and ensure that language and communication friendly resources are available for all staff to make use of in class. Working in this way, we aim to enable all staff to feel confident in their abilities to support and develop students’ language and communication skills, encouraging them to be successful communicators, leading successful lives.