West Heath School

Our Vision



To support and empower our community to discover their strengths by taking responsibility for their lives, through respect for themselves and others


Integrity and trust – to be consistent in approach, to do the things we say we will, being honest and open about our approach and practice

Respect – of ourselves and those around us, showing unconditional positive regard to opposing views and beliefs of others

Responsibility – to understand our role and the role of others, to self-reflect and aspire to be the best we can

Optimism – to look toward goals with a positive and unwavering approach, always seeing the best in others and in their actions

Commitment – to do our upmost to support our community in meeting the challenges we face collectively and as individuals

Independence – to be able to think independently, to have self-understanding and self-belief

Empowerment – to be able to make informed choices; to have the ability to take control of internalised thought, approach and actions