West Heath School

Occupational Therapy

The role of the Occupational Therapist within the school is to support the sensory, motor and perceptual development of the students in order that they are able to access the curriculum and develop independence skills.

The form and focus of the therapy is determined after assessment. Occupational therapy intervention is delivered either directly in individual or small group sessions or within the class/residential setting. The occupational therapist will work closely with the school staff and the student’s family to ensure therapy objectives are generalised into the school and home environment. Specific intervention programmes/strategies, integrated into the school day, delivered by school staff will be monitored by the therapist.

Examples of intervention integrated into the school day include sensory diets, programmes to develop touch typing, advice and support in practical subjects and the teaching of strategies to support organisation, visual perceptual/visual motor skills, alertness and sensory processing difficulties. Where necessary the occupational therapist will provide sensory profiles and motor development assessments.