West Heath School

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology – NLP

NLP is a way of thinking, acting, and being that supports people in generating a greater sense of choice and possibility in their lives. It involves examining the way in which we make sense of our experience, and the factors such as memories, beliefs, and values, that determine our perceptions. By engaging in NLP people are able to exercise much greater control over the ways in which they experience the world. They are able to take on challenges that may have previously seemed insurmountable, feeling better about themselves and their ability to cope in challenging circumstances. People are encouraged to take responsibility for their lives and for what happens to them, empowering them in practical ways that can benefit them well beyond the scope of the initial presenting issue. The majority of school staff have been trained to varying degrees in NLP. More recently we have begun to draw on the field of Positive Psychology as a source of ideas and inspiration. In essence Positive Psychology seeks to identify practical, scientifically tested strategies that can be applied to increase well-being, and to assist people achieve optimum performance.