West Heath School

How we support

In order to support all our students we break provision into 6 categories. Regular reporting to parents and other professionals allows accurate tracking of attendance as well as personal and academic development.



Full time and engaging in lessons. This is the vast majority of our students once they have completed their part/full time assessment programme and enter into one of our four Key Stages of learning.



Full time education made up of part time in school plus an additional programme, which may be delivered off site. This is predominantly a student in Key Stage 4 or 5 that is in school for a number of subjects and whose timetable is being enhanced by an offsite programme of education. This education is often vocational.



Full/part time education with 1+1 support. This is a student from any of our four key stages that must have a member of staff (key worker) with them at all times, for education on a one to one basis or to support in a class setting.



Full or Part time education under inclusion or HEART (new students). This is a student from key stages 2, 3, 4 or 5 that is educated full or part time in inclusion with a named key worker or lead TA (new students), who will manage the reintegration into our mainstream classroom setting.



Full/part time Educated Off Site (EOS). This is a student from anyone of our four key stages whose behaviour is disruptive to the education of themselves and others or is a school refuser. This student will be managed by the EOS team, they will be taught for an agreed period, normally not less than one term, in offsite accommodation.



Full/part time education whilst on notice, this is a student from any one of our four key stages they will have had a large number of exclusions/restraints due to extreme challenging behaviour and may have already been on the WH5 EOS programme or is a school refuser. Historically many students bounce back from being placed on six weeks’ notice. Each student must have a designated key worker, who will support them during the six week period and attend weekly monitoring meetings with parents / guardians. Education can take place on or off site depending on the level of need and risk the student presents. The decision to end a student placement will be made by the Principal after consultation with the student, key worker, form tutor, parent/ guardians and Local Authority.