West Heath School

Application Process

To help get a better understanding of how to join us we have listed the general application process. If you have any queries, or would like to have a look around before taking the next steps please get in touch.


  • Read our literature or visit our website for information on the school
  • Contact us and discuss your son or daughter’s needs
  • Send us Local Authority details and SEN/EHCP papers for review
  • Arrange a visit to the school and see how it feels, ask questions and review provision
  • Students will give you a tour and you will have the opportunity to talk to staff
  • The interview will take place as part of the school visit or on a separate occasion
  • You and your Local Authority SEN case officer will be informed of a placement offer
  • You liaise with your Local Authority on placement – please advise of developments
  • We will provide supporting documentation to the Local Authority as required
  • Upon funding approval a home visit and start date will be confirmed
  • Our transition team will liaise with you on an appropriate induction to the school
  • Assessments will take place during the initial transition period